Joensuu Science Park comprises six buildings located in close proximity to one another. A parking garage is also located in the immediate vicinity of the Science Park.
The buildings are numbered and each one has its own number and letter combination. Each building also has a colour code. The same colour, number and letter codes are used in all signs, making it easy to find the right place. Download our mobilemap to your phone to make getting around easier!
The doors along the main routes (1st floor) are marked with door signs and are kept open during office hours from 7:40 am until 4:30 pm. Outside of office hours, you can always get out of the buildings and use the elevators to descend. Remember to use the stairs in emergency situations!

Click on the appropriate building to view its facilities.The map shows the routes, info points, restaurants, elevators, stairs and exterior doors.

1st floor

Meeting Room Vellamo
Meeting Room Ahti
Meeting Room Louhela-sali
Ravintola Louhi

UEF lecture rooms
Business and office facilities 
2nd floor  

NKUAS lecture rooms
UEF lecture rooms
Business and office facilities


Meeting room Aino
NKUAS Cadimef studios
Business and office facilities
4th floors  
Meeting Room Ukko
Meeting Room Tapio
Meeting Room Sampo

Business and office facilities 

Arriving at Joensuu Science Park

Arriving at Joensuu Science Park is easy no matter which direction you come from or which mode of transport you use.See the map for more detailed information about location.


  • Airport 11 km
  • Travel Centre 2.2 km
  • Kuopio 135 km
  • Kajaani 230 km
  • Koli 71 km
  • Helsinki 437 km
  • Lappeenranta 236 km
Näytä suurempi kartta
Science Park Lobby Services
Tel. +358 13 337 7175

Science Park switchboard

Tel.+358 13 267 7110

Joensuu Science Park Ltd
Länsikatu 15
80110 Joensuu, Finland 
Joensuu Science Park Ltd
P.O. Box 230
80101 Joensuu, Finland 
E-invoicing address:
EDI code 003708405256
Operator code 003714377140