A Leap into Greener Business

Major innovations generated when fields of business meet creatively

The future of the Joensuu region is based on green growth. Although the related groundwork is already well underway, more courage is needed to recognize and identify opportunities to grasp. Everyone partakes in growth work: the issue concerns the public sector, businesses and education and development organisations alike.

In terms of green growth, it is important to remember that the grass is usually greener when the boundaries between fields of business are brought down. In Joensuu, the power of green growth can indeed already be found on the interfaces between existing fields of expertise, such as forest bioeconomy, ICT and photonics, as well as the new innovations arising from these fields. The developing game industry in the region provides an excellent addition, according to Development Manager Harri Välimäki from the Expert Services of Joensuu Science Park.
“Together, they provide a novel platform for expert know-how and its applications and business in Joensuu.´. Read more. 

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