netWork Oasis

A new way of working

Joensuu Science Park´s network Oasis facility changes according to your needs and you only pay rent for the time you use it - one day, a week or a month. netWork Oasis represents a new way of working. You only need to bring your laptop computer and mobile phone – nothing else. Internet connections, printers and other equipment needed for office work are all provided by the Science Park. Adaptable facilities guarantee that you get an environment that meets your needs. netWork Oasis has space, openness and state-of-the-art technology!

Meetings, networking, partners, new contacts, potential customers, expertise and a refreshing work community - netWork Oasis provides all of this!

netWork Oasis allows you to achieve more. In a best case scenario, it provides a meeting place for professionals and experts from different sectors, which can be utilised to develop competence to a new level.

Seminar and events services 

netWork Oasis is also the right place if you're looking for a functional facility for a seminar, meeting or a great celebration. You have access to a comprehensive range of meeting equipment, presentation technology, machines and devices – to say nothing of the magnificent sauna department, fireplace and restaurant and catering services.

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