Facility-related services

Joensuu Science Park can always provide suitable facility solutions and the related diverse services. In addition to the facilities and related services, you get access to expert services for developing your business – all under the same roof.


The companies and organisations operating in Joensuu Science Park have access to a comprehensive range of services that make it easier to handle business and employee routines and arrange meetings. The Science Park also offers options for leisure time and diverse services for organising different types of events. The broad range of services allows companies and personnel to handle all of their most important daily functions under the same roof.

All Joensuu Science Park services are designed to make your business run well. 

An innovative environment and the Science Park community provide space for work, leisure time, ideas, visions and results. No matter what purpose lies behind your selection of facilities, you have access to all of Joensuu Science Park´s facility and expert services. The restaurants and common coffee rooms are also great places for networking.

Contact Lobby Services for more information about our facility-related services:

  • Cleaning and property maintenance services
  • Safety and security services 
  • Information technology services
  • Meeting services and meeting facility reservations
  • Parking
  • Louhelan Woima
  • Restaurant Services
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