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Science Park offers much more than just space for your business.

At Joensuu Science Park, your rent includes a lot more than just space

The focus of our services is ease and diversity. Regardless of whether your company leases 9 m2 or 1,000 m2, your space always includes a lot of benefits, advantages and services that allow you to focus your resources on business development rather than routine tasks.

Joensuu Science Park´s facilities provide you and your company with:

  • A good location in the centre of the city
  • Image benefit for your company (high-profile Science Park)
  • Furnished meeting facilities to meet every need
  • Plenty of parking space in the parking garage
  • Lunch restaurants under the same roof
  • Diverse lobby and office services
  • Facility solutions that are always suitable
  • A comprehensive range of services
  • An active community (100 companies and 1,000 students, partners and competent workforce)

An innovative environment and the Science Park community provide space for work, leisure time, ideas, visions and results. No matter what purpose lies behind your selection of facilities, you have access to all of Joensuu Science Park´s facility and expert services.

Science Park Lobby Services
Tel. +358 13 337 7175

Science Park switchboard

Tel.+358 13 267 7110

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Joensuu Science Park Ltd
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