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Science Park bridges the gap

When you have a great product or service idea, we can assist you in developing and specifying the idea and provide advice on how to protect the intellectual property rights. Joensuu Science Park has a broad network of partners who can help you take your idea towards innovation, productisation, sales, marketing and success. We bridge the gap between you and suitable partners, so that you don´t have to spend time finding and selecting them. We can connect you with partners in areas like research, education, design, implementation and consulting in many different sectors, both in Finland and internationally.

Joensuu Science Park is a member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) and thus a part of the international chain of technology centres. A single phone call to Joensuu Science Park will put our international network at your disposal. Joensuu Science Park´s Expert Services help you to schedule and monitor the project and we also participate in reporting and identification of research partners.

. Examples of measures that the service can include:

  • Facilitating the innovation process
  • Productisation Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Identifying megatrends
  • Building partnerships and networks
  • Preparing and running projects
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