Processes, management and productivity 

Strong competence in development and enhancement

Process development and enhancement and the related tools are one of the strong competence areas of Joensuu Science Park´s Expert Services. Joensuu Science Park has also proven its ability in the area of productivity and production development.

Corporate law and employment matters as well as quality and operating systems are a part of business in which our partners can provide you with advice and assistance.

Profitability, smooth business economics and the required financing are the cornerstones of business. Careful monitoring, measurement, analysis and reporting are essential in these areas and we take them into account in the services offered.

What´s the right way to form a board of directors or management group for the company? We can provide consulting assistance and, if necessary, make suggestions about suitable board and management group members. We advise how the company´s operative management and board should work to achieve common targets.

Training and competence development are a key tool for Joensuu Science Park´s Expert Services. They are also part of processes, good management and productivity. We provide training and disseminate competence development in these focal areas, which helps you develop your activities and your employees in an even better direction.

Examples of measures that the service can include:

  • Productivity and production development
  • Quality and operating systems
  • Developing board of directors and management group work
  • Business economics and financing
  • Profitability and pricing


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