Advice on the road to internationalisation

Strong company growth often takes place by means of internationalisation. Joensuu Science Park has outstanding competence in terms of promoting this development. Entering new markets requires information about the local business culture, legislation, necessary documents and many other things. Our Expert Services unit has helped a large number of companies on their way to internationalisation and during the actual internationalisation process. In particular, our strong competence areas are Russia, Europe, Japan, China and the United States. We help with the specification of suitable target markets, countries and regions.

Our internationalisation services can include everything from consulting to legal counselling or training for arranging exhibition presentations. Our networks also provide you with local partners in the target country.

Just like our other services, internationalisation also includes an analysis of the company's initial or current situation, which is used as the basis for planning internationalisation measures and finding suitable partners. The measures can apply to establishing partnership companies or subsidiaries or negotiation practices relating to the business culture in question.

External financing is also strongly linked to internationalisation, and we can also provide assistance in applying for such financing.   

An example of measures that the service can include:

  • Entering new markets
  • Business culture knowledge
  • Creating partnerships and networks
  • Exhibitions, events and fact-finding trips
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