Creating new business

Our business incubator helps you implement your business idea and expertly guides your company through the challenging early years onto a path of growth.

Even before the company is established, we provide assistance in the so-called pre-incubator phase with regard to developing your competence, finding the required special expertise, customer contacts, partners and potential sources of financing as well as compiling a functional business model for your idea.

Based on the business model, we co-operate with you to draw up a comprehensive business plan covering all aspects of business activities.

After the pre-incubator phase, we help you establish the company and your company can move on to the actual incubator phase. At this point, our incubator experts provide comprehensive support and a safe environment for starting up your business. 

Our business incubator co-operates closely with the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences to provide your company with additional support in areas such as making international contacts.

Business incubator process


The incubator is a three-phase process:

1. Business idea assessment, which involves examination of the business idea in general and its maturity. Does the idea have business potential?

2. Pre-incubator, where the business is simulated. A business plan based on describing the business model is drawn up for the business idea. The plan includes a description of the business and calculations concerning the future of the business. If the simulation indicates that there is potential for profitable business, a company is established and activities move on to the incubator phase. The pre-incubator process is free of charge and includes outstanding facilities at netWork Oasis. This phase usually lasts for about six months.

3. Incubator phase, during which the company activities are subjected to sparring, with assistance provided in marketing, sales, corporate finances and financing, administration and other practical start-up matters. Diverse training gives entrepreneurs the skills needed for successful business. The incubator lays a strong foundation for developing and growing the business! The incubator phase lasts 1-3 years.

The starting point for the service is the competence of Business Incubator staff and the entire team of experts at Science Park. We also have access to a wide range of other experts that we use for various surveys, innovation protection processes and business law matters as well as for developing business competence

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