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What is Joensuu Science Park?

Joensuu Science Park

Lease space or hold meetings at the high-profile Joensuu Science Park Ltd and take advantage of all the services available under the same roof! This allows you to focus on the essential - your core business.

Our Expert Services will provide you with the right tools for developing business and making it more efficient. Instead of having to look for a suitable service provider, you can just choose the best expert from Joensuu Science Park and our extensive networks.

Game development in North Karelia

North Karelia is one of the Game Development regional hotspots in Finland alongside with Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Kotka regions.

North Karelia and especially Joensuu area has been for a long time a strong center of ICT companies. Currently there is about 30 ICT companies in the area. In recent years the area has had rapid growth with game start-ups and within two years the local business ecosystem has seen a growth of 10 game companies.

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Joensuu Science Park Ltd
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Green growth - a leap into greener business:

Major innovations generated when fields of business meet creatively

The future of the Joensuu region is based on green growth. Although the related groundwork is already well underway, more courage is needed to recognize and identify opportunities to grasp. Everyone partakes in growth work: the issue concerns the public sector, businesses and education and development organisations alike.

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Start Me Up 2017 and Forest & Photonics 2017

Winners of the Start Me Up business idea competition

Innovation utilising recycled material in water purification wins first prize in Joensuu Science Park´s Start Me Up Business idea competition.

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Start Me Up business idea competition:

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Forest&Photonics is the international B2B event which brings together businesses, academia and developers to share new technological solutions, challenges and opportunities in the fields of photonics and forestry.

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Louhelan Woima (LoW) – Action for leisure time!

Louhelan Woima (LoW)  is an association that organises a wide variety of leisure time activities for people working at Joensuu Science Park. We provide access to exercise and culture in a relaxed manner. LoW´s compelling events offer members of the Science Park community refreshment, new contacts, regular activities and new experiences.

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Don't get lost:

Maps and information

Joensuu Science Park comprises six buildings located in close proximity to one another. A parking garage is also located in the immediate vicinity of the Science Park.

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Joensuu Science Park Ltd
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Joensuu Science Park Ltd
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